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About Printing

Prints of images on this website are available for purchase.

A selection group of images can be purchased directly by click on the "Prints" gallery.  Any of the images on the website can be purchased.  I would encourage anyone one interested in purchasing prints not in the "Prints" gallery or having any questions or special requests to contact me directly through the "Contact" form or call me directly at (914) 471-2464.

A few points about printing:

I personally do all the printing  from my studio in Charleston.

I use a state of the art, professional Epson P Nine Thousand printer that can print on paper rolls up to 44 inches in width.  There is no limit to the length.

The Epson P Nine Thousand uses 11 different ink colors and provides the widest color gamut of any inkjet printer.

The inks are pigment based for long life and color stability.  I used archival papers which are 100% cotton rag.  I use a matte finish for images that are black and white and a baryta finish for images that have color as the baryta will display a wider gamut that matte.

I can provide work of any size as a special order.  Larger print sizes suitable for public or other common spaces are available.

The resolution of the image remains constant across prints of any size.  With respect to any special order, I would re-render the image using the code and specifying bespoke pixel widths and heights. 

Again, please contact me either through the  "Contact" form or calling me directly (914) 471-2464.


Online Sales

A select number of prints can be purchase directly from the online "Prints" gallery.

The prices indicated are for the print only.  The frame and matte displays are solely for the purpose of giving the viewer a clear idea of what the images would look like when framed.  Matting and framing can be provided at an extra charge.  Please contact me directly to discuss matting and framing options.

All prints are shipped in reinforced tubes and will carry a tracking number.

Prices include shipping costs and South Carolina sales tax.






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